quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2020


Hello everyone,

It is with great satisfaction that we came, in just 5 minutes, to present the Cardanistas
StakePool project and how we intend to strengthen the Cardano community with our projects.

We chose this name because it is a
stake pool of the community, which prioritizes the development of the ecosystem and not profit.

By delegating stake with us from the beginning, you will maximize your rewards - due to our minimum fees - and primarily support education, incentive and adoption actions.

We believe that our goals are in line with those of the Cardano community, to have a fair return on the bet and still support the project, so we invite you, CARDANISTAS, to embark with us on the Shelley HardFork missile towards the most decentralized blockchain system of all time.

We are in the main social networks as @cardanistas. And available to help at any time. Follow us, or rather, let's go together!

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